The Importance of Accent Furniture

The Importance of Accent Furniture

The Importance of Accent Furniture 0

We all love the fresh feel of new furniture to spruce up a dreary room. However, sometimes less is more! Instead of busting your budget to purchase larger furniture items, consider keeping your old furniture while adding great accent pieces to liven up any space. 

Accent furniture is furniture that highlights or 'accentuates" the style of a room. Accent furniture is used in conjunction with the primary or main furniture in a room to compliment or spotlight a particular style. Accent furniture can make a big difference in your room's decor while some pieces can also serve a functional capacity. For example, an ottoman or bench can increase the overall appeal of a room while also doubling as storage space for a small or cluttered room.

There are many types of accent furniture that can fit any style or space. Accent furniture can introduce stunning color and texture to a room. Accents are great design tools that can transform any space and add character and dramatic effect.  

Whether you decide on a small decorative chair or a large china cabinet, take time to consider your space and the style your'e looking to accomplish. When picking the perfect accent, keep in mind the size of your space and how best to rearrange or add furniture. Don't be afraid to choose bold colors or mismatch textures and design styles.

Most important, consider your budget and shop around to ensure you maximize your buying power. Look for markdowns and clearance items that may seem like a small purchase but can make a large impact on your space.

In the end, have fun and remember that a house only becomes a home when there is love. Start with creating a loving space.  

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