Prepare For Delivery

At Payless Mattress we want to maximize the customer experience at every level! To help ensure that your new furniture properly fits your room size and home entryway, we work with our customers to prepare for the big delivery day.

Here are some important measurement and obstruction information you should consider before you purchase your furniture and have it delivered.

Questions to Consider
Will the furniture I purchased fit through all my home doorways?
Will my hallway size allow the Payless Mattress team to fit through with product?
Will the furniture fit up my stairway?
Is my room ready for delivery?

Measuring for delivery
Before purchasing your new furniture, note all important measurements and obstructions so you can ensure a successful delivery. Measure the diagonal depth and width of the furniture as seen below to determine if it will fit through your home’s entryways. This helps us determine if the furniture fits your space by comparing customer home measurements with our furniture measurements (by length, width and height as seen below) to determine how much floor and wall space your new furniture will occupy.

Before our delivery team arrives, prepare your home by doing the following:

(Please be aware that our delivery team is unable to make these or other preparations for you.)

• Secure low-hanging light fixtures
• Open all doorways to their capacity (Remove doors if necessary, but not required)
• Remove any additional rugs or carpeting
• Remove pictures or art off any walls that furniture is being placed
• Move all other furniture from delivery area 
• Put pets in another room

During delivery, please inspect your furniture thoroughly and report any damage to our delivery team so we can resolve the issue promptly. After accepting delivery, no returns are allowed. Please note: we will not hoist furniture or remove windows.



Need Help Measuring?

We know that measuring rooms and managing the complex layout of any home can be daunting so we invite our customers to use the handy home measurement apps we rely on to help us confirm furniture and home measurements. 

These convenient apps allow customers to measure their home and furniture with one easy click on their mobile devices. Try out the measurement app and let us work together to ensure the best furniture for your space. 

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Android users