Payless Mattress Single Pillow Top Mattress

Product Description

Payless Mattress single pillow top mattress provides the ultimate sleep experience with its top layer of luxurious pillow-like cushion. Our reasonably priced pillow top mattress contours to the body to create an exceptionally soothing, tranquil sleep by soothing pressure points along the hip and shoulder to achieve proper spinal alignment especially for sleepers  who lay on their sides.

Color: White (Colors may vary depending on production dates)

*Includes Mattress Only

Mattress Dimensions:

Twin: 39"L x 75"W x 13"H

Full: 54"L x 75"W x 13"H

Queen: 60"L 80"W x 13"H

King: 76"L x 80"W x 13"H


$ 130.00

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